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Textile Duct
Textile Duct Textile Duct Textile Duct Textile Duct Textile Duct

Textile Duct

Textile air distribution systems (textile diffuser, fabric ducting) can be used in a wide range application, where air conditioning is necessary, but there are some limitations that make using a textile duct is more convenient.

Some of these applications where it is an advantage to use a textile air distribution system are:

  1. Food processing industry:

    Sanitary regulations require that all food processing devices must be easily and perfectly cleanable. That is why textile air distribution system is a perfect solution for this application, because this system can be washed, and disinfection can be done, in this way all the germs are killed.

  2. Low-temperature Food storerooms:

    In low-temperature stores, uniform air distribution is required, to ensure and maintain as stable temperatures. This is usually essential requirement in food storerooms. If people have to work in an environment with low temperature, Textile diffusers are the suitable system for this application, it keeps uniform air distribution.

  3. Chemical, textile and electro-technic industry:

    Textile air distribution systems are a perfect solution for any industrial sector. They provide uniform (draught-less) air distribution at unbeatably low costs, and enable air directing according to the request of the end user.

  4. Swimming pools, sports halls and fitness centers.

    Textile air distribution systems are the perfect system for these application, as it don’t needed any treatment to prevent corrosion if used in indoor swimming pool, and provide uniform air distribution high walls sport halls and fitness centers.

  5. Supermarkets and gathering areas

    Textile air distribution systems are the suitable selection for high walls halls, providing accurate air directing and distribution.

Advantages of textile air distribution systems:

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Washable
  • High strength
  • High fire resistance
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Easy to maintain

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