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Precision Air
Precision Air Precision Air Precision Air Precision Air Precision Air

Precision Air

What is "Precision" Air?

Precision air, sometimes called "Close Control Units CCU ", is the virtually absolute control of the three prime elements of indoor air quality - temperature, humidity and airborne particulates.

The lack of control of any one of these factors can contribute to serious system and component failures. Costly downtime and excessive maintenance expenses are the result. Even short periods of service shutdown are unacceptable in many mission-critical applications.

Two Basic Cooling Systems

    • Direct Expansion
      • Utilizes refrigerant for cooling and dehumidification
      • Available in:
        • Air Cooled Units
        • Water / Glycol Cooled Units
    • Chilled Water Systems
      • Utilizes chilled water from a remote central chilling system
    • Dual Source Chilled Water and DX

Air Distribution

    • Under Floor System,“Down flow System”(Recommended)
  • Flexibly meets changes in hardware location
  • Flexibly allows changes in supply air location.
    • Overhead System, “Upper Flow System”
  • Frequently motors and blowers need to be up-sized to handle the additional static losses presented by the ductwork.
  • Common in telecom applications

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