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Since 1950 Baltur has been designing and producing burners working on diesel, gas, heavy oil and dual fuel burners. It is a leading company in terms of technological developments in this field and has steadily grown to become one of the major players in the burners' market.

Baltur burners provide a wide range of models and heating capacities. It can also be tailored to the particular needs of the customer. The burners are manufactured to provide low NOx and CO emissions.

Baltur manufactures burners with heating capacities of 17.8 kW to 50,700 kW. The burners are mainly classified as:

  1. Monoblock burners
  2. Duoblock burners
  3. Gas premix burners

The monoblock & duoblock burners can be manufactured with different fuel type:

  1. Light oil burners
  2. Heavy oil burners
  3. Gas burners
  4. Gas/light oil dual fuel burners
  5. Gas/heavy oil dual fuel burners

Baltur burners come with different firing modes:

  1. Single stage
  2. Two stage
  3. Modulating

Baltur burners conform with the following European Standards:

  • E.M.C. Directive 89/336/CEE,
  • L.V. Directive 73/23/CEE,
  • Reference standard: EN267

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